Their signs read “Dr. Sign up for our newsletters now. Acton strongly believes that, should Biden win, he must not leave “a quiet space” between now and the Inauguration. On Facebook, a fan page accrued more than a hundred and thirty thousand members. She told me that leaders need to “lay down the science of how we could lose another two hundred thousand people, just like that.” As a public-health figure, Acton, a registered Democrat, strove to be apolitical. How the President could endanger the official records of one of the most consequential periods in American history. The election was not close, and the President’s claims of voter fraud are merely a distraction from his many recent failures. Acton told me, “I’m from Youngstown, and I’m kind of scrappy, and a part of me wanted to say, ‘All right, mister, you’re so tough—let’s go.’ But what echoed in my mind was the work that I did in Rwanda, post-genocide. In Ohio, DeWine’s over-all favorability rating was also high. On March 12th, DeWine became the first governor to announce the closing of K-12 schools; he and Acton shut down polling stations, effectively rescheduling the Democratic Presidential primary. Plus, Yo-Yo Ma and Emanuel Ax play Beethoven, and Jane Mayer analyzes the G.O.P.’s post-Trump game. An Ohio nurse told an NBC affiliate, “I actually cry pretty much every time I watch her, because she’s very inspiring.” At a presser, Acton, after reading one child’s thank-you letter aloud, said that as a public servant it was her “job to do this for you.” In a poll, in March, seventy-five per cent of Ohioans said that they approved of DeWine’s management of the coronavirus crisis while forty-three per cent approved of the way President Donald Trump had handled it. That will get you to shut the fuck up.” (The meteorologist, Ronald Penzkowski, pleaded no contest to third-degree assault and stalking.) After Acton, who is Jewish, mentioned hosting a virtual seder, for Passover, protesters showed up at her home, with guns, wearing MAGA caps and carrying “TRUMP” flags. Journal: Native New Yorker: 140 Page 6" x 9" Notebook Journal Diary: Journals, All My: Libros El escritor estadounidense pasó más de 20 años diseccionando su vida de pareja en los relatos protagonizados por Richard y Joan Maple, que en su día publicó 'The New Yorker'. Thousands of Chinese students attended Miami University, near Cincinnati. Item: Teaching a male friend that women do not pee out of their vaginas. O’Donnell thought that Acton would make a good health director partly because she had heard her mention a “tough childhood.” Acton is from the north side of Youngstown, in northeastern Ohio. “This little piazza in this little town contains a sage of such profundity that he can resolve all your disagreements on the spot.”, Fred Armisen and Patton Oswalt Battle for the Neighborhood, The comedians play rival neighbors in this adaptation of George Saunders’s “Adams.”. I am determined.”, The press conferences became appointment viewing in Ohio. This deeply unstable period ended with the family spending part of one winter living in a tent, and with Acton, at age twelve, accusing her stepfather of sexual abuse. The New Yorker may earn a portion of sales from products and services that are purchased through links on our site as part of our affiliate partnerships with retailers. In June, several physicians, writing in JAMA, called the harassment of health officials “extraordinary in its scope and nature,” and a “danger to the ongoing pandemic response.” They wrote that the attacks on public-health officials represented a “misunderstanding of the pandemic” and “a general decline in public civility.” The incivility started with the President: “The environment deteriorates further when elected leaders attack their own public-health officials.”. (She still informally counsels the governor.) About the New Yorker and me: A sentimental journal: Kahn, E. J: Libros. She and her husband, Eric, a schoolteacher and cross-country coach in the Columbus suburb of Bexley, had, between them, six grown children. The population was largely older, and there were many smokers; opioid addiction alone had recently killed tens of thousands of Ohioans. Libros Hola, Identifícate. The President has staged rallies across the Rust Belt, promising a manufacturing revival, but jobs lost to offshoring have increased during his time in office. DeWine, a Republican, was Ohio’s former attorney general, and, in the early two-thousands, he had been a U.S. senator. When I saw Acton last week, homes in some parts of town still displayed “Dr. DeWine has methodically been placing preparatory phone calls to every public-health team in Ohio. When I spoke with the governor, on Friday, he told me, “I know there’s people who want me to spend my time blasting Donald Trump; I’m sure there’s Trump supporters who think I have not talked enough about the President. There’s not a person I meet, from any walk of life, who’s not struggling right now, to make sense of it all, to tolerate ambiguity. Acton told the public, “The steps we’re taking now will absolutely save lives.” On March 22nd, after imposing one of the nation’s earliest stay-at-home orders, she said, “This is our one shot, in this country.” As if speaking directly to those who were accusing her of overreacting, she said, “I am not afraid. As health director, she had been working on modernizing the state system for nearly a year when she began hearing about a “weird pneumonia” afflicting Wuhan, China. DeWine told demonstrators, “I’m the elected official” and “Come after me.” Acton was assigned executive protection—a rare measure, for a public-health official—along with a retinue of state troopers. Support The New Yorker’s award-winning journalism. But, by the end of April, with the economy in trouble, some of Ohio’s Republican lawmakers were insisting that he reopen businesses. Propagandist bulletins from the U.S. Public Health Service had called the virus “a very contagious kind of ‘cold,’ ” but Cox used his speech to note the “appalling” number of fatalities—the United States ultimately lost some six hundred and seventy-five thousand people. The next afternoon, at the rally, at the Pickaway County fairgrounds, Trump lied that “tens of thousands” of people were outside the gates and congratulated attendees for getting in. was saying one thing, Health and Human Services another”—Acton had been making other defensive moves. A singer performed an Amy Acton tribute song on YouTube (“I trust you completely”; “You look so fine in your long white coat.”) The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum unveiled an Amy Acton figure. On a stroll through the Hollywood Forever cemetery, the daughter of the “Seinfeld” creator Larry David discusses her new book of essays about self-doubt, anxiety, and other youthful preoccupations. The COVID-19 death toll stands at well over five thousand in Ohio and more than two hundred and thirty-one thousand in the United States. Her critics “could have yelled forever about my policies—we need the hard discussions,” she said, adding, “But that’s the thing about kindness. “This is ‘the world’s on fire and we have to fight now!’ ”. Public health calls upon societal protections, many of which are beyond individuals’ control: food safety, immunization, the eradication of poisonous lead. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. and the White House started having regular press conferences about COVID-19, in February, she suspected that the virus was already seeded in Ohio. Wellness, she explained, involves more than the mere absence of disease. “It was something we took for granted.”. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. It’s not the doctors.” In Colorado, nearly seventy per cent of local public-health officials reported receiving threats, and some resigned. In early August, she vacated that official role, too, and soon returned to the Columbus Foundation. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s on the phone—so you’ve got that voice.” She and DeWine decided to largely close the event to most spectators. She agreed to talk to me because she believes that, as we enter a dire pandemic phase, paired with a potentially tumultuous post-election period, the country needs, in its wellness “playbook,” a long-term emotional-survival strategy. He aquí varias lecciones de Truman Capote en ‘A sangre fría’, Luci Gutiérrez y el humor como arma de autodefensa, Viñetas estilo ‘newyorker’: ingenio contra los tópicos, “Es peligroso ignorar que no controlamos nuestro deseo”, El día que Instagram confundió humor con violencia, Cómo informar del supremacista jefe sin normalizarle, Un rechazo multitudinario fuerza a ‘The New Yorker’ a borrar a Steve Bannon de un evento, La autoridad no heredada del dueño de ‘The New York Times’, Los Pulitzer premian las investigaciones sobre el acoso sexual y la trama rusa de Trump, Gwyneth Paltrow y Angelina Jolie denuncian acosos sexuales de Harvey Weinstein, Portadas sobre Donald Trump de la revista The New Yorker, Cómo mi primera novia me ayudó a crear un Pulitzer, Shirley Jackson: 100 años de historias para no dormir, Daniel Clowes: “Ya no existe una cultura dominante”, Jesse Eisenberg: "Un viaje a Venezuela me cambió la vida". “Her way of seeing, and of operating in the world, is not bureaucratic,” O’Donnell told me, adding that DeWine considers her “as much an artist as she is a scientist.” Acton lacked experience in the public spotlight, but O’Donnell strongly urged the governor to choose her anyway. Heshy Tishler, a radio host and City Council candidate, has emerged as the leader of a neighborhood’s uprising against government coronavirus measures. Has the U.S. already betrayed them? His supporters suspect that he will “be primaried” next year by a far-right challenger. Ohio does not require the state’s top health official to be a physician: when DeWine took office, in 2019, the most recent directors had been a lawyer and the former head of the Ohio Turnpike Commission. But I’ve got to stay focussed.” Maintaining “a good relationship with the President of the United States—whoever the President is” allowed him to govern, he said. All rights reserved. We’re seeing the diseases of despair, like depression. Acton also had begun making short public-service videos. chairs jointly wrote to the governor, in early June, saying, “We are telling you that the damage you are doing economically is translating politically.” Republicans were “angry, disappointed, and dismayed” at DeWine’s “big-government approach.” In an editorial, the Columbus Dispatch noted certain lawmakers’ contributions to a “toxic hybrid of ignorance, fear, and hatred.”. As pressure mounted for DeWine to fully reopen Ohio, six county-level G.O.P. Amy Acton Fan Club” yard signs. Biden, he said, will offshore your jobs, confiscate your guns, open your borders, eliminate your private health care, terminate your religious liberty, defund your police, destroy your suburbs. As democracy hangs in the balance, activists are drawing lessons from the study of civil resistance. Lately, Acton, who directs a new program, Kind Columbus, has been thinking about kindness as a path to building the kind of resilience and preparedness that will be necessary to mentally manage the coming year, in phases. It’s not that one day the President gets taken out and everyone grabs a machete and literally goes after their neighbor; it happened over time.”, The United States needs to reckon with the fact that “there’s no one person responsible” for the dangerous division, Acton noted. Her father, who had worked in a steel mill, and her mother, an artist, divorced when she was three. Fear about poll watching has arisen after President Trump called on supporters to monitor voting in the 2020 election. A Times documentary producer watched seven weeks’ worth of these pressers and turned the material into a six-minute op-doc, “The Leader We Wish We All Had,” which declared that “other leaders should pay attention” to Acton’s effective use of vulnerability, empowerment, and “brutal honesty.” One clip showed Acton tearing up when she said, “People at home: you are moving mountains.” Acton told me, “I would look at the camera and I could feel the people on the other side.”. Este navegador ya no es compatible. Biden supporters blast music, Trump supporters wave signs that read “Stop the Cheat,” and the people of Philly have had enough. Her communications director’s brother Rajeev Venkayya was a pulmonologist who had focussed on vaccines at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and who had worked in the George W. Bush Administration, developing the nation’s influenza-pandemic plan. The show depicts not only how the Empire has crumbled but its descent into a kind of domestic crumminess. DeWine wanted a medical doctor for the cabinet position, one who could both lead a large staff and, he told me, “communicate to the people of the state of Ohio about health issues in general.” His top adviser, Ann O’Donnell, recommended Dr. Amy Acton, whom she knew through the Columbus Foundation, one of the country’s largest community charitable organizations. Ohio’s legislature contains a far-right element, and there is anti-vaccine sentiment in the state. 'The New Yorker' revela una cultura de complicidad en la empresa, William Finnegan fue el primero en escribir sobre Obama. “And then when the outbreak was acute outside the municipalities, conditions were even worse,” Cox said, referring to an earlier wave. Will Trump’s Broken Promises to Working-Class Voters Cost Him the Election? Trump won Ohio in 2016, with more than fifty-two per cent of the vote. Para visitar EL PAÍS con la mejor experiencia, actualízalo a la última versión o descarga uno de los siguientes navegadores soportados: El famoso escritor, suspendido desde el incidente, llevaba 27 años trabajando en la revista estadounidense, Jeffrey Toobin, analista también de CNN, creyó que tenía apagada la cámara cuando se produjo el incidente y ya ha pedido disculpas, El director de la revista ‘The New Yorker’ charla con EL PAÍS sobre la fragilidad de la democracia norteamericana.