Testing outside, where we traditionally struggle to get a signal, we found that we could get throughputs of 171Mbit/s outside the kitchen window and 47.1Mbit/s at the bottom of the garden. Pour assurer le bon fonctionnement de Glassdoor, votre navigateur doit accepter les cookies. One of the more powerful and versatile systems available, it rivals the likes of the Linksys Velop, with each node of the system sporting a speedy tri-band AC2200 router. There should be a third possible use for these ports, which is wired backhaul for faster speeds. Plenty of features and a neat design with great performance, but the price makes this kit hard to justify over the competition. Lyra Network . Une nouvelle offre d'emploi vous intéresse ? Voulez-vous vraiment ne plus mettre cet avis en avant sur le profil ciblé de  ? As with the main competition, Lyra consists of three discs that you can place around your house to expand coverage into any black spots that you might have. Des équipes parfois débordées, il faut recruter ! One port on your base unit will need to be plugged into your existing modem or router for a connection to the internet. Asus Lyra – Performance and Verdict Review. The units themselves are relatively attractive, featuring a matte white housing. As with similar products, the Lyra creates its own network and dishes out its own IP address to connecting devices. Beaucoup de projets sont en cours et demandent un vrai travail d'équipe. On ressent encore le côté petite entreprise dans la proximité des employés entre eux, mais les projets, eux, s'associent à une grande entreprise. Les équipes sont motivées et il pleut des chocolatines ! a modem and replace your existing router. Looking for the USB sharing and manual network management of a traditional router? Find out how well products perform with the help of Top New Review's comprehensive tests. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. There’s a pairing button on the side that can be used to quickly add a new node to the network, and a reset button on the underside. This is one of the most expensive mesh systems available, which makes it hard to justify, despite the range of features and decent performance. Speed and range are the most important aspects of a wireless mesh system. Contacter par courrier à l'adresse postale : 109 rue de l'innovation, 31670 Labège Très professionnel, rigoureux, méticuleux, Lyra Network a une stratégie de long terme très ciblée. Only one Lyra access point needs to be wired in, and you have a choice of installation modes. All rights reserved. Despite the fact that the system consists of three units each with three Wi-Fi bands, all you ever need to worry about is one Wi-Fi signal – that’s the beauty of these mesh router systems. Each profile lets you assign that person’s devices. It lacks the long-distance performance, but has a similar range of features. Comparez la rémunération des postes les plus courants et renseignez-vous sur l'équilibre vie professionnelle / privée de l'équipe. Il n'existe actuellement aucun avis sur les avantages de cette entreprise. At these kinds of price differences, the Lyra is just too expensive. The patterned top, revealed by the internal light, isn’t completely convincing (Asus was clearly going for a ‘mesh’ honecomb aesthetic for a visual pun). Aucun internaute n'a pour le moment déposé un avis sur Lyra Network. By default, the Lyra hooks into your main network, leaving your existing router alone. Top New Review use some of the most exhaustive testing ... © 2018 Top New Review. Voir les offres d'emploi chez Lyra Network, Employé actuel - ingénieur commercial junior, La silhouette de la tête de deux personnes. Performance was generally good: at close range, we saw throughputs of 216.24Mbit/s. Each Lyra access point can be placed flat on its feet, or you can wall-mount them, which may be easier if you want to place the access points in a hallway or just out of the way in a room. That’s a little behind the BT system, but better than the Deco M5, which wasn’t quite so good at extreme range. The Netgear Orbi supports this, giving it the upper hand. Une très bonne expérience quoi qu'il en soit ! Une ambiance de travail excellente, des personnes motivées, enthousiastes et bienveillantes. France IT / Tech / Data . ASUS Lyra Home Wi-Fi System, Pack of 3 (for large homes), Tri-Band... Three (3) Tri-band 802.11AC Wi-Fi hubs with MU-MIMO Technology, each delivering data speeds up to 2134 Mbps, Coverage up to 6,000sqft with Lyra hubs providing corner to corner wireless coverage for Wi-Fi enabled devices across your connected smart home, Commercial-grade Security with AiProtection powered by Trend Micro blocks external security threats to protect devices connected to your home network, Advanced parental controls featuring Family Overview allow you to easily view, manage, and schedule your family's internet and app usage from any mobile device, ASUS App makes setting up, expanding, and managing your network as easy as 1-2-3. Notre priorité est de mériter votre confiance. Pour vos sorties de dernière minute, des vacances en famille ou pour Noël …. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. With the Lyra, each access point has a tri-band radio inside, with two 867Mbit/s 5GHz radios and a single 400Mbit/s 2.4GHz antenna. These networks are also used to build the mesh, with the Lyra choosing the best connection. Vous travaillez dans les RH ou en marketing ? Test : quel type d’emploi vous correspond ? Emplois de Content Writer chez Lyra Network, Emplois de Product Manager chez Lyra Network. For the latest information on COVID-19, go to the CDC's website. We’ll always tell you what we find. 11 à 20 ans d'expérience signaler un abus. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) blocks all common internet-based attacks. Voulez-vous vraiment le remplacer ? Découvrez gratuitement les avis des employés Lyra Network (avantages et inconvénients) pour décider si Lyra Network est fait pour vous. ACCEDEZ A TOUTES LES PRESTATIONS DU CE ! The biggest issue with the Lyra is the price. Each unit includes two gigabit Ethernet ports. These connect to the first access point wirelessly, building up the mesh network. 16 avis sur Lyra Network. Each also includes a couple of Ethernet ports for wired connections, and the whole system is easy to set up using a mobile app. Moving to the first floor, we saw throughputs of 344.14Mbit/s, most likely because the floor is easier for the wireless signal to penetrate than the thick wall in our first test. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor. The latest to get in on the act is Asus, with its Lyra system. Lyra Network est situé au 109 r Innovation, 31670 LABÈGE. Each unit has a tri-band AC2200 (400+867+867Mbps) Wi-Fi system with seven internal aerials. Choisissez une autre langue pour continuer à lire d'autre avis. They sit sturdily on a flat surface – unlike the tall, narrow Linksys Velop units – plus they can be wall-mounted with a couple of screws. Lyra est une entreprise innovante et ambitieuse, ce qui est très plaisant. That puts the Lyra at a similar speed to the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi, but a little behind the TP-Link Deco M5. Structure solide et organisée. Vous pouvez déposer un avis en cliquant ici. Découvrez gratuitement les avis anonymes des employés (avantages et inconvénients) pour mieux choisir votre job. Le monde dentaire est transformé en profondeur par l’avènement des nouvelles technologies qui sont source d’accessibilité et d’amélioration de la qualité de soins. LYRA ETK, La dentisterie numérique : votre passion, notre métier Choisissez votre profil Patient Dentiste Laboratoire Notre mission . Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. « Glassdoor » et son logo sont des marques déposées de Glassdoor, Inc. { "isFollowing": false, "isEEPActive": false, "isEiHeaderFollowBtnDos2Enabled": false }. LYRA NETWORK à Labège - L’annuaire Hoodspot - Adresse, numéro de téléphone, produits et services de LYRA NETWORK. A downside of this system with an existing router is that you end up with a situation where you’re using double Network Address Translation (NAT): once on the Lyra system and once on your main router. Learn More. Votre réponse sera supprimée de l'avis – cette action est irréversible. Asus also provides a guest network via the Lyra, so visitors can access the internet but can’t see your other devices. As with other mesh systems we’ve tested, the Lyra presents just a single network, using band steering to direct devices to the best-fit network, based on capability, performance and range. Travail en mode autonome avec des prises de décisions assez rapide. For example, you could have your child’s laptop and phone listed under them. In other words, you have to install the system first, then you can sort out replacing your router. This is a pricey bit of kit, so one expects to get the full premium product experience – and on the whole, the Lyra delivers. Cela remplacera l'avis en vedette actuel du profil ciblé de . Following the simple instructions in the Lyra app (for Android and iOS), you simply place the other access points around your home. But you can at least switch the light off, which is handy. This can make configuring port forwarding on some devices a little trickier; if you can, replace your existing router to simplify matters. salarié . It’s a great implementation and makes the Lyra a flexible way to control what your family can and cannot do. 15 métiers qui recrutent pendant la crise COVID-19, 10 entreprises exemplaires pendant le COVID-19, Les 20 entreprises avec les meilleurs avantages, Balance vie pro/vie perso : top 20 des entreprises, Top 10 des avantages sociaux les plus originaux, Les plus beaux bureaux de la Tech française, Négociation de salaire : 9 choses à ne jamais dire, Négocier son salaire : 11 mots-clés pour réussir, 10 métiers dans la Tech qui paient très bien, Salaire : top 15 des entreprises en France en 2019, Guide de préparation à l’entretien d’embauche, Equilibre vie pro/vie perso : 10 questions à poser, Répondre à « Pourquoi vous et pas un autre ? On the downside, what the Asus Lyra and other mesh systems tend not to have is much in the way of extra features. MESH WIRELESS NETWORKING systems make a lot of sense for most people, giving a way to upgrade wireless performance without having to replace your router. Ce professionnel est également référencé dans l'activité suivante Comment rédiger une lettre de motivation ? It’s a neat additional layer of security to add to your existing internet security software. Then you’ll have to stick to a conventional router. Using these profiles, you can pause an individual’s internet connection, schedule when they can and can’t go online, and add web filtering to block unsuitable content. Annoyingly, you can only change modes via the web interface, not the app, which you need for installation. », Savoir si un entretien d’embauche est réussi, Comment remercier un recruteur après un entretien, « Entreprise dynamique avec une bonne ambiance ». The BT Whole Home Wi-Fi doesn’t have the same scheduling or parental controls, but long-range performance was better. This means you can hook up a desktop PC with Ethernet or an older TV to one of the units without having to retroactively fit Wi-Fi hardware. Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. As with other mesh systems we’ve tested, the Lyra presents just a single network, using band steering to direct devices to the best-fit network, based on capability, performance and range. From there, all the other ports on the rest 0f the units provide a wired point of access to your network. Obtenez des informations sur les postes, les salaires, la localisation des bureaux ainsi que sur la vision de la Direction. This means you can also give internet access without having to dish out your main network password. Pour cette raison, les entreprises ne sont pas autorisées à modifier ou à supprimer des avis. Alternatively, you can change the mode of the router to PPPoE, so you can connect it to, Every access point has dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. Help to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Bonne intégration. In terms of other physical features, there are just two more on each unit. Quelle est l'adresse de Lyra Network ? We never, ever accept money to review a product. AirProtection, powered by Trend Micro, can actively block malicious sites and prevent infected machines from sending information back to the cyber criminals. Des locaux très agréables, bien qu'un peu éloignés de Toulouse (surtout en période de bouchons). Découvrez comment activer les cookies. MODEM Gigabit Ethernet • WI-FI STANDARD 802.11ac • STATED SPEED 2x 867Mbit/s (5GHz), 400Mbit/s (24GHz) • USB PORTS 0 • WALL MOUNTABLE Yes • WARRANTY Two years RTB • PART CODE MAP-AC2200. However, it’s not present and there’s no sign of it appearing. That’s far more flexible than the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi (Shopper 358), where each disc has a single Ethernet port. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. You can always use the Lyra with an existing router, but if you replace your old router then it’s something to be aware of. Alternatively, there’s the TP-Link Deco. The Lyra is Asus’ first foray into the world of mesh routers. Il faut savoir chercher les informations si besoin, l'entreprise est en évolution constante, Je travaille chez Lyra Network à temps plein. On the top floor, performance came in at 149.32Mbit/s. Everything else key to making this Wi-Fi system work is on the inside. Performance was generally good: at close range, we saw throughputs of 216.24Mbit/s. The benefit of the way that the Lyra works is that additional services can be baked into the network. Rigidité hiérarchique, et manque d'énergie interne. 24 avis de salariés Lyra Network postés anonymement par des employés. Voir tous les avis Informations pratiques Siège social 109 rue de l'Innovation, 31670 France Centres Lyra 109 rue de l'Innovation 31670. There’s no option to change the DHCP address range that’s given out via the app, although you can change the range using the web interface. Asus may not be as much of a household name as Google or Netgear, but the Lyra is well worth a look. Every access point has dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, which is handy if you want to plug a couple of devices into each access point. For BT YouView users, the system doesn’t support IGMP proxying, so you can’t watch streamed channels such as BT Sport. Découvrez ce qui fonctionne bien chez LYRA Network d'après les personnes qui sont le mieux placées pour le savoir. It’s slightly frustrating that the web interface has more features than the app. As with Google Home, Lyra lets you create user profiles for your family. The Lyra is Asus’ first foray into the world of mesh routers. Pragmatic printers for the smartphone age. Travailler chez Lyra, c'est avancer, rencontrer des gens et faire preuve de force de proposition. This whole-home Wi-Fi system includes three separate units that work together to provide a fast and reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. This means you could have them affixed to a ceiling, for instance, making for easy cabling and an ideal location to provide good coverage.