Yes, and it wasn’t only because I was a writer and needed new experiences that I wanted to know Dean more, and because my life hanging around the campus had reached the completion of its cycle and was stultified, but because, somehow in spite of our difference in character, he reminded me of some long-lost brother; the sight of his suffering bony face with the long sideburns and his straining muscular sweating neck made me remember my boyhood in those dye-dumps and swim-holes and riversides of Paterson and the Passaic. She took one look at Dean and decided that he was a madman. “You’ll freeze your ass tonight,” I warned. Mais peut-être passera-t-on quelques scrupules à l’homme éclairé, et à l’ignorant quelques vices, eu égard à la tentation pour chacun. “What the hell am I doing up here?” I cursed, I cried for Chicago. And what a driver—a great big tough truckdriver with popping eyes and a hoarse raspy voice who just slammed and kicked at everything and got his rig under way and paid hardly any attention to me. We got off the bus and walked clear up the hill, the long hill formed over the millenniums by the mighty Missouri, alongside of which Omaha is built, and got out to the country and stuck our thumbs out. Il risque alors de tomber amoureux, c’est-à-dire de mentir à une jolie femme autant qu’à lui-même. There he got as drunk as he ever did in his Ninth Avenue night back home, and yelled joyously in my ear all the sordid dreams of his life. “Even now they’re all having a big time, they’re doing this, I’m not there, when will I get there!”—and so on. états-unis   How that truck disposed of the Nebraska nub—the nub that sticks out over Colorado! En direct du studio 110, de la Maison de la radio. I had a twinge of hard joy as I ran after the car. J’ai trouvé ça un peu étrange. I arrived in Chi quite early in the morning, got a room in the Y, and went to bed with a very few dollars in my pocket. C'est curieux, savez-vous, une pendaison! J’avoue que le début a attisé ma curiosité et j’avais hâte d’en apprendre plus sur la vie de ce mystérieux personnage. “Damn!” I yelled into the wind, and I had another shot, and by now I was feeling pretty good. Personnellement, je vis avec quelqu’un parce que je suis faible. It was like that all over the West. I hugged her and wanted to tell her. There she was in front of us, Shelton, written on the watertank. Mark as downloaded . Then news came that Dean was out of reform school and was coming to New York for the first time; also there was talk that he had just married a girl called Marylou. But then they danced down the streets like dingledodies, and I shambled after as I’ve been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!” What did they call such young people in Goethe’s Germany? Slim was dozing on a bench. Ce diptyque est également l'occasion d'offrir au lecteur des moments de grâce et de poésie, à ce titre je ne peux que lui octroyer la note maximale.Encore une fois je ne peux que plussoir aux avis précédents, Mr Riff Reb's est un tout grand de la bande dessinée. Il n'était pourtant pas si simple de mettre en images un univers carcéral américain du XIXème siècle aussi extrême et pénible. prisons   They were grateful and gracious. Un trait net et précis autant efficace sur les décors que sur les personnages. We all had a shot, and suddenly I looked, and the verdant farm-fields of the Platte began to disappear and in their stead, so far you couldn’t see to the end, appeared long flat wastelands of sand and sagebrush. I told her to turn the bill over. It was like riding a railroad train, just as steady and just as straight. Il ignore que les célibataires rentrent tous les soirs bredouilles sauf quand ils sont membres d’un boys’ band (et encore, il faut être à la mode, cela ne dure pas longtemps). C'est depuis sa cellule qu'il nous fait le récit de sa vie, de pourquoi il est arrivé ici et du curieux pouvoir qui l'habite... Sans trop en révéler pour ne pas vous gâcher le plaisir de la découverte, ce "pouvoir" nous permet d'éviter un huis clos qui aurait vite tourné en rond et de nous faire voyager à travers le temps et l'espace et de donner à l'auteur toute la marge nécessaire pour déployer son talent et nous offrir des planches somptueuses. What’ll Denver be like! They never stopped smiling. I said, “I don’t know, I’m going as fast as I can and I don’t think I have the time.” Eddie said the same thing, and the old man waved his hand and casually sauntered back to his car and drove off. littérature engagée   - Mean, tough fellow, too; I seen him flatten a policeman in the yards at Cheyenne, one punch.” That sounded like Big Slim; he was always practicing that one punch in the air; he looked like Jack Dempsey, but a young Jack Dempsey who drank. A guy with a kind of toolshack on wheels, a truck full of tools that he drove standing up like a modern milkman, gave me a ride up the long hill, where I immediately got a ride from a farmer and his son heading out for Adel in Iowa. Hermann Hesse, Phrases et philosophies - In fact he’d just been working on a ranch, Ed Wall’s in Colorado, before marrying Marylou and coming East. Ne soyez pas simplement bon, soyez bon pour quelque chose. It was beautiful in Longmont. Riff Reb's, homme de tous les superlatifs pour moi, en toute partialité assumée, le boss entre tous les boss. réalisme   Coté histoire, le narrateur nous conte son récit depuis le fond de sa cellule, en attendant son exécution. They came out of the cab and smiled at all of us. Je me suis battu furieusement sur les champs de bataille du temps passé : même quand le soleil était au terme de sa course, le carnage ne cessait pas ; il se continuait pendant la nuit, sous les étoiles qui brûlaient au ciel. Denver, Denver, how would I ever get to Denver? […] Marc Chénetier. Tall, sullen men watched us go by from false-front buildings; the main street was lined with square box-houses. On est littéralement transportés dans la vie et le monde de ses différents personnages. And here for the first time in my life I saw my beloved Mississippi River, dry in the summer haze, low water, with its big rank smell that smells like the raw body of America itself because it washes it up. I decided to gamble. Le récit est captivant et le personnage principal a une personnalité à la fois intéressante et intrigante. De l’isolement d’une cellule aux grands espaces sauvages, l’artiste gère avec intelligence son dessin, souvent appuyé par des colorisations spécifiques. Carlo took off his glasses and looked sinister. 1 2 Les révolutions ne durent jamais longtemps parce qu’elles se heurtent bientôt au mur des nécessités économiques et sociales qui dominent le monde. boxe   “Now, Carlo, let me speak—here’s what I’m saying …”. The chili joint was deserted; everybody was somewhere else, drinking. Encore une adaptation d'une histoire de Jack London que je ne connaissais pas. Bref visuellement tous les ingrédients sont là et c’est un plaisir de tourner les pages de cet album. “We’re going to LA!” they yelled. Ce diptyque est également l'occasion d'offrir au lecteur des moments de grâce et de poésie, à ce titre je ne peux que lui octroyer la note maximale. Le côté oppressant de l’univers carcéral où croupit Darell Standing cloue le lecteur sur place et le traverse jusque dans ses veines. I pictured myself in a Denver bar that night, with all the gang, and in their eyes I would be strange and ragged and like the Prophet who has walked across the land to bring the dark Word, and the only Word I had was “Wow!” The man and I had a long, warm conversation about our respective schemes in life, and before I knew it we were going over the wholesale fruitmarkets outside Denver; there were smokestacks, smoke, railyards, red-brick buildings, and the distant downtown graystone buildings, and here I was in Denver. And in his excited way of speaking I heard again the voices of old companions and brothers under the bridge, among the motorcycles, along the wash-lined neighborhood and drowsy doorsteps of afternoon where boys played guitars while their older brothers worked in the mills. I think he was running away from something in New York, the law most likely. I handed him the bottle to make up for it. We stopped along the road for a bite to eat. C'est de la grande aventure. We were in Wyoming now. “You can have a couple shots!” I reassured them. But by the time he let me off at Longmont, Colorado, I was feeling normal again and had even started telling him about the state of my own travels. Je ne fus pas du tout déçu. And the new truckdriver was as crazy as the other and yelled just as much, and all I had to do was lean back and roll on. « Travailler sur de tels textes met une pression conséquente et m’amène un certain poids dont il faut savoir se libérer pour se redonner un sentiment de liberté dans le travail. I bought cough drops in a rickety Indian store of some kind. C'est dire si Riff Reb's a su une fois de plus nous régaler de son découpage dynamique. All this time Dean was telling Marylou things like this: “Now, darling, here we are in New York and although I haven’t quite told you everything that I was thinking about when we crossed Missouri and especially at the point when we passed the Boon ville reformatory which reminded me of my jail problem, it is absolutely necessary now to postpone all those leftover things concerning our personal lovethings and at once begin thinking of specific worklife plans …” and so on in the way that he had in those early days. At one point Carlo and I talked about the letters and wondered if we would ever meet the strange Dean Moriarty. Le Vagabond des étoiles a un côté éclaté, avec ses histoires multiples, qui le rapprochent plus du recueil de nouvelles, ficelé entre elles à la va-vite, que du roman. Save for later Off we roared, and an hour later the smoke of Des Moines appeared ahead over the green cornfields. I’ll have to get off this rig at Cheyenne and move up some other way. Montana’s my home now—Missoula. Il nous fait franchir toutes les étapes, depuis l'émergence de Sapiens au paléolithique, jusqu'au 19è siècle. Friedrich Nietzsche, Pensées sur divers sujets moraux et divertissants - Cela égalise les avantages de l’ignorance et du savoir. I kind of liked him; not because he was a good sort, as he later proved to be, but because he was enthusiastic about things. 36 citations sur moralite - CITATIONS ET PROVERBES de . La moralité est l'attitude que nous adoptons vis-à-vis de personnes que nous ne pouvons pas sentir. Le Vagabond des Etoiles est une véritable mise en abîme de cette fusion artistique à distance, le dessinateur joue une partition graphique éblouissante tout entière au service du roman éponyme. Standing, qui est le propre narrateur de son récit, connaît parfaitement ce lien, qui n’est autre que cette fameuse « colère rouge » qui l’habite. He was a real rednose young drunk of thirty, and would have bored me ordinarily, except that my senses were sharp for any kind of human friendship. We travel some.” We thought it over. It was mountainous. J'ai dit un certain mal de toi avec une délectation d'ami fidèle. 1 Il y a une différence énorme entre celui qui cherche à se dépasser et celui qui veut être le meilleur. Il attend dans sa geôle son exécution et il revient sur les raisons de son enfermement et de sa condamnation mais aussi sur ce qui lui permet de tenir, dans sa solitude, dans la souffrance des tortures subies..... Il a la faculté de se détacher de son corps souffrant et de voyager dans ses vies antérieures, mais aussi de remonter à sa naissance et bien au-delà. Lecture Carlo Brandt. He took his time coming over. What about you?”, “Anywhere. I don’t know about today. Vies antérieures   J’appelle moralité le désir de faire du bien qui tire son origine de ce que nous vivons sous la conduite de la raison. “I didn’t realize it on this smooth road.”, “Just take it a little easy and we’ll all get to Grand Island in one piece.”. Before that I’d often dreamed of going West to see the country, always vaguely planning and never taking off. Gene was taking care of him, of his moods and his fears. Nous savons que le héros, Darrell Standing, va bientôt être exécuté (nous ne savons pas encore exactement pourquoi). Le seul reproche est finalement purement éditorial : pourquoi avoir scindé cette histoire puissante en 2 livres ? I went to sit in the bus station and think this over. Mais, pour autant, c'est pour une autre raison qu'il va être pendu... Riff Reb's est sans doute enfermé quelque part. Il est mal rasé, et il manque un bouton à sa chemise qui pue. And this was really the way that my whole road experience began, and the things that were to come are too fantastic not to tell. typeahead.js, Comme dans bien d'autres nouvelles, ce n'est pas une intrigue qu'il déploie ou qu'il développe, mais une situation d'affrontement, un état de tension, qu'il mène, degré par degré, jusqu'au point de rupture. Loin des yeux, loin du cœur. They were dumb and sullen, but we wanted to make them. Je suis porté à croire qu’au jour du jugement il y aura peu d’indulgence pour l’homme éclairé qui aura manqué de moralité, et pour l’ignorant qui aura manqué de foi, parce que tous deux sont sans excuse. I went in the bar and joined him. I bought a pack each for them; they thanked me. I should have said no, because he looked pretty awful on the road. His charge was a sixteen-year-old tall blond kid, also in hobo rags; that is to say, they wore old clothes that had been turned black by the soot of railroads and the dirt of boxcars and sleeping on the ground. J'ai vécu d'innombrables existences tout au long de temps infinis. I felt something different in the air in North Platte, I didn’t know what it was. The sun went all the way down and I was standing in the purple darkness. Moi, pour tâcher de le dérider de mon mieux, je lui ai spirituellement répondu que c'est aussi la première fois qu'on me pendait. L’homme marié a sans doute tort de jalouser le célibataire, mais il n’y peut rien, c’est plus fort que lui, il rêve de les tomber toutes, il s’imagine que le célibataire est couvert de femmes, qu’il a une belle vie d’aventurier avec week- ends italiens, caresses buccales, marivaudages compliqués, positions nouvelles, et de langoureux messages sur sa boîte vocale Itinéris. Brakemen never bothered you in those days. Wham, over he went on his side, watering all over himself. I was all for it. I saw Slim tottering along and joined him. Les yeux des amateurs de Riff Reb’s vont pouvoir s’émerveiller une nouvelle fois. I dug Chicago after a good day’s sleep.The wind from Lake Michigan, bop at the Loop, long walks around South Halsted and North Clark, and one long walk after midnight into the jungles, where a cruising car followed me as a suspicious character. percevant alors l’impuissance des théoriciens, la foule se détourne d’eux. And I swore I’d be in Chicago tomorrow, and made sure of that, taking a bus to Chicago, spending most of my money, and didn’t give a damn, just as long as I’d be in Chicago tomorrow. At one point I almost had to stick my head out the window. Mississippi Gene was a little dark guy who rode freight trains around the country, a thirty-year-old hobo but with a youthful look so you couldn’t tell exactly what age he was. En plus c'est écrit avec une grande poésie (merci aux traducteurs). Laurent Valero, Alto, violon, flûte, bandonéon Montana Slim spoke to them occasionally with a sardonic and insinuating smile. Of course Eddie could drive, and he had a license and I didn’t. I walked down to the river, and I had to ride back to New York in a bus with a delegation of schoolteachers coming back from a weekend in the mountains—chatter-chatter blah-blah, and me swearing for all the time and the money I’d wasted, and telling myself, I wanted to go west and here I’ve been all day and into the night going up and down, north and south, like something that can’t get started. The ground was black. Mais le nourrisson deviendra un sauvage si on ne l'éduque, si on ne lui donne un certain vernis de cette moralité abstraite qui s'est accumulée le long des siècles. The stars seemed to get brighter the more we climbed the High Plains. graphisme   “No, the bus stops on the highway and I have to walk across that damn prairie all by myself. Modifier. I was here in those days. Mais tous les chapitres ne m’ont pas intéressé de la même manière. I stepped right up and gestured in the rain; they consulted; I looked like a maniac, of course, with my hair all wet, my shoes sopping. Encore une fois les matons, le directeur de la prison ont le mauvais rôle et on peut le comprendre. We stood in front of the railroad-ticket shack in Stuart, waiting for the westbound traffic till the sun went down, a good five hours, dawdling away the time, at first telling about ourselves, then he told dirty stories, then we just kicked pebbles and made goofy noises of one kind and another. Aller hop ni une ni deux je hausse ma note d'un cran après la lecture du deuxième et dernier tome de ce Vagabond des étoiles de Mr Riff Reb's. He sang it in a melodious, quiet voice, with a river accent, and it was simple, just “I got a purty little girl, she’s sweet six-teen, she’s the purti-est thing you ever seen,” repeating it with other lines thrown in, all concerning how far he’d been and how he wished he could go back to her but he done lost her. I went outside. On est vite happé par le récit et la maîtrise de la narration est parfaite. L’homme naît, court, se dépêche de vivre, lit des livres, va au cinéma, souffre, prend son petit déjeuner, meurt. It was like having an old friend along, a smiling good-natured sort to goof along with. peine de mort   “I hope you get where you’re going, and be happy when you do.”, “I always make out and move along one way or the other.”, Montana Slim was asleep. Eddie drove alone, the cowboy and myself following, and no sooner were we out of town than Eddie started to ball that jack ninety miles an hour out of sheer exuberance. Les sorciers de la guerre - Ralph Bakshi par Guillain Méjane | Oct 17, 2020 | 0 . He was patient. The bus station was crowded to the doors. I ran like mad. You couldn’t breathe. It was a warm and beautiful day for hitchhiking. He had to eat his breakfast now and wanted to take it easy, so I went right on into Des Moines, about four miles, hitching a ride with two boys from the University of Iowa; and it was strange sitting in their brand-new comfortable car and hearing them talk of exams as we zoomed smoothly into town. Under a tremendous old tree was a bed of green lawn-grass belonging to a gas station. This is all far back, when Dean was not the way he is today, when he was a young jailkid shrouded in mystery. Le célibataire fait plus pitié qu’envie, sauf aux hommes mariés qui l’imaginent libre alors qu’il n’est que désespéré. “Yessir, I know Big Slim pretty well. Mais l’amour est un mensonge qui a de bons côtés, me dis-je en mordillant l’oreille de Delphine sous une lune suspendue à 384 400 kilomètres au-dessus de nos innocentes petites têtes. Parfois, dans l’intervalle, il peut lui sembler qu’il n’est pas fait pour le célibat éternel. Not so far from Denver, and once I got to Denver I could relax. Now I was scared. We got back on the road in the darkness, and of course nobody stopped and nobody came by much. de London, je n'avais lu jusqu'ici que «. She read it and laughed. But I was right where I started from. Évasions   Send-to-Kindle or Email . Image : dessin de Patrick Chabouté pour son adaptation en bande dessinée de la nouvelle “Constuire un feu” de Jack London. Oscillant entre réalisme et fantastique, ce roman remarquablement adapté par Riff Reb's s'impose à la fois comme un procès contre l'univers carcéral et un hommage à la puissance de l'imaginaire. Le Vagabond des Etoiles lui permet d'explorer de nouveaux temps et de nouveaux lieux avec le même talent qu'il avait déployé sur sa trilogie de la mer. Why in the middle nineteen thirties this place wasn’t nothing but a big dustcloud as far as the eye could see. It was a little poem about how I wanted her to come and see the night with me. “He got into some kind of trouble back in Mississippi, so I offered to help him out. I looked at the company. Then Omaha, and, by God, the first cowboy I saw, walking along the bleak walls of the wholesale meat warehouses in a ten-gallon hat and Texas boots, looked liked any beat character of the brickwall dawns of the East except for the getup. John Petit-Senn, Dictionnaire des idées reçues - La moralité est ce qui, sans être indécent, blesse grossièrement ma pudeur. But I had to get going and stop moaning, so I picked up my bag, said so long to the old hotelkeeper sitting by his spittoon, and went to eat. And suddenly Mississippi Gene turned to me from his crosslegged, patient reverie, and opened his mouth, and leaned close, and said, “These plains put me in the mind of Texas.”. But Dean’s intelligence was every bit as formal and shining and complete, without the tedious intellectualness. So I could rest my tired soul a little, for one of the biggest troubles hitchhiking is having to talk to innumerable people, make them feel that they didn’t make a mistake picking you up, even entertain them almost, all of which is a great strain when you’re going all the way and don’t plan to sleep in hotels. Citations Le Vagabond des Etoiles (1915) Sélection de 3 citations et proverbes sur le thème Le Vagabond des Etoiles (1915) Découvrez un dicton, une parole, un bon mot, un proverbe, une citation ou phrase Le Vagabond des Etoiles (1915) issus de livres, discours ou entretiens. Enfin – mais là je pense qu’on retrouve le discours de London, c’est aussi un plaidoyer contre la prison et l’enfermement, Darrell prenant plusieurs fois le lecteur à témoin pour lui rappeler que c’est avec ses impôts que l’on torture des hommes, que l’injustice se développe. You can always folly a man down an alley, can’t you?”, “I ain’t beyond doing it when I really need some dough. As a little boy he’d seen a hobo come up to ask his mother for a piece of pie, and she had given it to him, and when the hobo went off down the road the little boy had said, “Ma, what is that fellow?” “Why, that’s a ho-bo.” “Ma, I want to be a ho-bo someday.” “Shet your mouth, that’s not for the like of the Hazards.” But he never forgot that day, and when he grew up, after a short spell playing football at LSU, he did become a hobo. “We been riding this sonofabitch since Des Moines. He woke up and said to me, “Hey, Blackie, how about you and me investigatin’ Cheyenne together tonight before you go to Denver?”. I walked, after a few cold beers, to the edge of town, and it was a long walk. Allait-il récidiver avec « Le Vagabond des étoiles » ? Les séances de camisole ou d'enfermement au cachot sont saisissantes. J’ai eu donc envie de voir quel serait son destin et comment son personnage allait évoluer.