This can be taken in flight, both in cabin and in check-in. yes, you can carry it. Please reply. Also, inform what is maximum size of TV allowed in flight from Dammam , KSA to India, sir i m traveling from mumbai to moscow i have 45 kg and 10 kg in hang please tell me about wait. Please ensure that the size limits are met as well. Somu Gopinath. Thank you! 2) Is the Airline allow us to carry 55\" TV apart from my checkin baggage. This is more than 160 cm allowed for check in baggage. Yes, you can bring one cabin bag with items which the kid might need during the course of flight. Please note the size restrictions as given in content as well. So is it possible for me to carry in Air Arabia flight from Sharjah to Chennai. Travelling to Tangiers from London Gatwick. Sum of dimensions shall be less than 160 cm. Weight restrictions on checked baggage can also vary by fare. Otherwise, there could be issue at airport. Baby bassinets are available in front row and,0 therefore, you must contact the airline if you need one. No, it is not likely to be allowed in cabin baggage. for 1 Adult and 1 child above 6 years? Hope you reply me soon. What i have to do for booking or i have to pay any extra charges for led. If you know you need to check additional bags beyond what’s included with your fare, paying for them ahead of time can save you some money. Hi, Dear provider I would like to know if i have means of purchasing extra allowance TVs upto 39 inches, within check in baggage allowance by weight- no charges. email:, I am traveling 3th november from doha to ktm.on my ticket my baggage is only 20 kg but I have baggage about 30 kg how can I make my baggege 30 kg. Plz advice, I' travelling from Sharjah to Karachi (Pakistan), Can I carry LED TV like item of size(41x4x41) inches (LxWxH) of weight 9KG only ? Can I check in that in the over size luggage counter at free of cost? How many pieces baggage allowed in 30kgs. Purchased baggage 30 kg. My ticket will be on 7 june i wAnt to know about baggage. You will have to pay excess charges of AED 180 since weight is more than 30 kg, up to 40 kg. But this ticket not mention my baggage allowance & Hand baggage allowance. please confirm me, My baggage is 135×20x90 it will be allowed or not ??? Cardboxes shall adhere to same baggage allowance rules as is the case with check-in bags w.r.t size and weight. Could you please provide me the information about free checked-in and hand baggages ( no of pieces, weight and size)? and How much cabin baggage allow for them. You have not mentioned the origin station. If quantity is small, these can be taken in cabin as well. Each one have baggage allowance of total i can carry is 90kg.can i divide this 90kgs into 9 bags each of 10kg or 4 bags 20kgs plus 1 bag 10kg.I mean whatever the no of bags but total weight must be equal to 90kgs right. 115 cm as sum of dimensions is the permitted size limit. We would not be able to help you with this. This can not be done through agency. please confirm me, Dear sir, can we carry stroller in the cabin in Dammam tosharjah flight, Hi, Is this allowed for hand carry? bag our normal hand bag ???? i am taking a 50 inch tv its waight is 16 kgs. I am traveling from kochi to sharjah on 16th much i can carry the baggage without cost. Please check with the airline whether they can allow 45 kg on one person or not. It could be AE 140 or 180. I want to know with you how much luggage weight allow in air Arabia for economy class going to India. PLease check with the entity which booked the ticket. How much weight I can carry in hand baggage. There are charges for carrying TV of more than 39 inches. These limits will be related to dimensions and weight of check in baggage  since it will go only in check in baggage. Please let me know. Please clarify those asap. what is the charge for 10kg or 20kg in airport? Is it 30 + 10 hand bag = 40kg or 20 + 10 hand bag = 30kg ? will they charge money for handling it in air arabia. I have a flight on 8th September to Karachi from Sharjah. Yes it is allowed to carry within the baggage limit applicable to you. Air Arabia does its best to deliver your luggage at the scheduled time of arrival, however in case your luggage is lost and we are unable to trace it, our liability for lost or damaged baggage is limited to USD 20.00 per kg and a maximum of 20 KG per passenger. I don't know is it 20 kg or 30 kg. I want to know whether will you allow 10kg extra baggage seperately, Currently what is the maximum size we can carry and any additional charges. Feel free to email us for more information: [email protected], When you do a lot of traveling for business, having the right luggage can make your life a lot easier. You can take but will have to pay AED 180 for it. I wanted to know if vape and vape liquid is allowed to carry on hand baggage or luggage with me ? Bagages enfant pour airarabia. Sir, I have my flight to bangalore on 24th of this month I have a 9 kg hang baggage and one DSLR . Please refer to it. You can bring Zam Zam water up to 5 litres in addition to check in baggage allowance for free. Kindly let me know the free baggage allowance (for both checked in and hand luggage). Hello sir, Can i take my E cigarette (Vape) along with me in hand carry?? Really admire your helpful website . Any weight above 30 kg in check in will entail AED 180 charge. IF your baggage has gone missing, please contact the airline immediately and report the matter to the police as well. You can carry upto 5 litres within your check in baggage allowance limit. You can take more than one check in bag within permitted allowance of 30 kg. Hi how many riyal cash I can take in my pocket from hail saudi arabia to goa india. What is the total charges I have to paid for 43inch led tv shj to mumbai. If you have an overweight bag, fees can vary depending on whether you’re taking a domestic or international flight. Medicines are allowed for baby. I have free 30 Kg. Please go through it. You have not mentioned the route of flight. The reservation number for my flight back to Belgium is 54756390. If other baggage is within the permitted allowance, you might be required to pay AED 180 for this TV. Generally, you would be allowed to take it so long as it is within the check in baggage allowance limits w.r.t weight and size. I just want to know, I can take 5 litre of Zam zam water in check in baggage for free, in addition to your free allowance from Riyadh air port? How much Kilos of baggage i can carry ( check in baggage + hand baggage ) free of cost, hi, Excluding 30kg check in baggage can i carry 5 liters zam zam free? how can i find it. I have a doubt actually hand baggage weight 10 kg is this include duty free or not include duty free please reply. You can also contact the airline directly with your flight information for specific information on your checked and carry-on allowances. It is oversized. Air Arabia opère un seul type d’avion : l’Airbus A320, le jet le plus commercialisé dans le monde. Air Arabia allows 1 carry-on bag per passenger fee free. can i add extra baggage up to 20kg from shj to ccj97481, Can i put luggage in card box instead of bag, if so how many allowed? Infectious substances such as bacteria and viruses. 30 kg check in and 10 kg cabin allowance in economy class travel. If you are taking it within your allowance, there will not be any extra charge. Hello, I will be travelling Sharjah to Coimbatore o/a 9 April 2016. There is very little information w.r.t carriage of LED TVs with Air Arabia. If it is within check in baggage allowance, it will be allowed to be carried. Is it based on weight of TV or inch? Yes, it can be brought in sealed condition. Can we carry 48\" LED from Riyadh to Kochi on Air Arabia? Sir i have hand one bag ..thing is it more 12 kg Can I talk 2 packets of hand baggage. And, 40 kg check in baggage is allowed free in Extra ticket of economy class. Does air arabia allow one carry on luggage and one peronal item for free? Thank you. Please make sure you don’t include any of the following items within your checked baggage: Which of our 170+ destinations will you be exploring in 2020? I dont have any other baggage other than hand baggage of approx 5 kg. Sir...I'm travelling Doha to Jaipur. I have a hand luggage of 5 kgs and a laptop. Anyways, for confirmation, you can check the travel details and add-ons you have paid for on airline website using My Booking part of the website. Can I carry it with my luggage without extra paymnts? Please take note of its dimensions as well. The pre-booked Air Arabia luggage rates are: AED40 for 20kg per passengerAED100 for 30kg per passengerAED180 for 40kg per passenger. Also, please divide the 40 kg check in baggage into 2 bags as one bag can not be more than 32 kg. But in my eticket sharjah to delhi and sharjah to Dme information regarding flight is missing.kindly reply fr my query as soon as possible. dr chandrashekhar I am travelling Riyadh to Cochin on 21th Aug. in air india. 7kgs or 10kgs? There is no need to tell if it is within the check in baggage size and weight (30 kg check in) limit of Air Arabia. I am flying from New Delhi to Kyiv via Shahjah....I have purchased 40KG luggage allowance...will I be able to pay excess baggage fee if I am 10 KG overweight.....and how much will this be? I want to go dhaka airport, already I have 40kg and hand baggage is 10kg can I take extra same item in duty free shop sharjah airport. Flammable liquids and solids, such as lighter or heater fuels, paint and matches. It weighs 27.5 kg. 1 Is it ok to keep fruits In hand carry Hello there, Riyadh too DELHI sir please give me information sir, Dear Sir, Any idea if u can carry furniture as check in luggage. Meals are not free and have to be paid for. You have also not mentioned the route of flight. There shall not be any confusion. You need to call the call center or visit sale office or fill form at in order to get extra 20 kgs. From Hyderabad to sharjah how much should I pay for 10kg???? What is my free check in baggage allowance and also hand baggage allowance, I have booked a flight with Air Arabia, I was really disappointed when I saw my eticket showing No Baggage, my PNR No. I want to take 55 inch tv with my baggage .Please tell me any extra charges I have to pay for over size, Sir my flight is from Delhi to Kiev via sharjah in economy class sir how much free baggage allowance and how much is the cost of extra baggage per kg and laptop bag is also include in cabin baggage. Excess baggage beyond free allowance limit is charged for full, not on per kg basis. Thank you for responding. Send us an email, we'll have an answer for you. 30 kg means one 30 kg bag or 15 kg 15 kg two bags.. How to pack please help me.. I heard that to carry any television to india in oman airport they charge around 17 to 18 rials in all airlines seperately apart from check in luggage. But be careful! Please observe the overall weight limit of cabin baggage while carrying these items. from sharja to my baggage allowence is 30+7 .. is it allowed, I already purchase ticket from sharjah to trivandrum on 17 Dec 2015 now i have to add 10 kg lugguage so total will be 40 kg pls help me how i can add how much i have to payand how i can pay. Can i take dry food stuffs ,oil,gel& paste in hand carry ? Can i take car seats to carry my 5 month old infant in hand luggage. our handy guide to the do’s and don’ts of duty-free shopping in Dubai Duty Free. Regard, I want to travel from shj to khi. Regards Abdur Rashid. ADults are allowed 30 kg checkin and 10 kg cabin allowance per person. Allowed in check in baggage if it has dimensions and weight which are within your checkin baggage allowance limit. For most domestic flights, you can expect a flat fee to add baggage, whereas costs can fluctuate for international flights. Back pack would be considered another cabin bag. I mean hand bag 10 kg + 2/3 kg of laptop is it oky or not how much do I have to pay for the extra kg? You can carry it but will have to pay for it. For Extra Economy tickets, 40 kg free check in baggage allowance. No, clubbing of hand baggage with check in baggage is not allowed in airlines. Download the Air Arabia app for free and enjoy great deals wherever you are! No, it will not be free. It has launched special offers, wherein it provides 30 kg free allowance and 40 kg at rate of 180 AED for flights to/from India, from UAE/Saudi/Bahrain/Kuwait to Alexandria/Khartoum, flights from UAE to Russia/Almaty/Tbilisi and from Yerevan to UAE. Dear sir, Im flying on 28 April 2016 from Sharjha to Goa India at 23:20 I shall be approx aed 180. No, please adhere to the size limits of checkin and cabin bags while travelling. ICP: They might deny as well. While booking online i have chosen 40kg baggage and ticket also printed with same. What is the best carry on luggage for business travelers. Your fully collapsible stroller can be checkedin. Sir I want to go India through air arabia abha to hyderabad 3 adults 1 child please inform me free luggage per head and I want to carry carry 50 inch led tv as with my free luggage. Would there be any issues if I carry my dslr? Allowed in check in baggage within permitted weight limits. Without check in laggage. We can not say about the tax since we do not deal in matters of Customs. Please check this with the airline local office. Otherwise, putting in check in baggage is best option. Dear Sir, We booked family ticket with Air Arabia flying on 28th of May. I'm from srilanka now I stay in UAE I expect go back to my county in April. Is this allowed. How many kg are allowed in hand carry ? please suggest me that what will the cartoon size (dimension of cartoon) while traveling from Bahrain to Mumbai via sarjah . I am travelling today to Trivandrum by airrabia from Sharjah. You can buy luggage in 20, 30 and 40 kg slabs. yes, 30 kg is check in baggage and 10 kg cabin allowance. Allowed in check in baggage but you can not place anything inside. 30 kg check in baggage allowance and 10 kg cabin allowance is permitted. I have 20 kg bag and 32inch led tv how I pack this I can pack two.suprate two .Please give me reply, Dear, sir I have 30 kg luggage so I want to cover that luggage by rope make it tite by rope can I do that it's allowed for this acceptable.please let me know, Sir Generally, items of this type are not allowed in cabin baggage due to size issues. You might have to pay a flat charge for a slab of weight. However, due to an ongoing offer for the year 2015, it is providing 30 kg free check in allowance but you will have to get it directly from Air Arabia by speaking to its customer service. Or do i have to pay for it seperately? You might be asked to remove its batteries. ; When you book your flight ticket, you can choose from a check-in baggage weight of … How strict is Swoop personal item? Please take this into consideration. If I will have extra baggage, then how will it be charged? Allow in baggage. If it is so, it is okay to carry the trolley. Sir can i carry a hand carry of 10kgs along with a carry cot ? hello, i am travelling from bahrain to sarajah to trivandrum. 30 kg check in and 10 kg cabin allowance per adult or child passenger. DR. YOGEESHA BABU K.V. But, we would recommed that you use the check in bags. However, if you have booked Value fare, then 30 kg check in would be allowed. The only issue is the length dimension. Sir/mam, i want to travel to kochin.Normally air arabia allows 30+7kg , if i want it possible? Yes, it can be done. Cabin allowance of 10 kg remains in all classes. From sharjah to Karachi Pakistan, traveling from muscat to Coimbatore.. can i take 48\" led tv. by luggage....not hand luggage... Tips and Inspiration Tips Air Arabia baggage allowance explained. Air Arabia allows you to carry bags of dimensions 55, 40 and 20 cms and of weight up to 10 kg free of cost. For more than 39 inches and exceeding permitted allowance, it charges both excess baggage rate and the Dh 180. We almost lost your query due to some server errors. This can be used for taking essential items for infants. It is better to take laptop bag within this limit. if yes how many maximum pieces i can make. Try using the options under Manage Booking on its website. Please keep it within the permissible check-in baggage limit by size and weight. It does state that pre-booking your baggage allowance could save you up to 90% of baggage charges at the airport though – so it’s worth to pre-book! You have not mentioned the cabin class and route of travel. You have booked through agency (Goibibo) but for adding free baggage allowance of 30 kg, you will have to call Air Arabia customer service directly. thanks -Tom, sir my baggage allowance is maximum 32 kg but i have 39 kg , how much i have to pay for this extra 7 kg? You will have to pay AED 180 for full 40 kg check-in baggage. Many thanks. i want carry 55 inch TV to India -Nagpur - can i take it as my baggae allwance or do I have to pay extra charges for it weight ? So, there is nothing to be paid. We are travelling from Goa to Sharjah tomorrow morning and have a collapsible stroller. As i am traveling from airarabia flight (SHJ-BLR) Can i take 10 ltrs of ZAM ZAM water with me its allowed to take please if its allowed should i put in the baggage OR Hand carry. is it allowed 600gm extra. Will I need to check-in the same at Sharjah? One cabin baggage and one personal item (either purse or laptop) is allowed. Is it possible to put inside my bag (in 10kg luggage) the bottle of wine that will be put in cabin luggage? Respected Sir Will I be getting the free baggage allowance of 30kg and 7kg or will I have to separately go for buying a 30kg baggage for my ticket? Do not exceed total checkin baggage more than 40 kg and carry it in 2 check-in bags. how many pecess in 40 kg im carry in pakistan, I made payment for allowance of 20 kg at the time of ticket booking but now i want to add more 10kg before the date of journey how should i do it and how much will it cost to add the extra baggage through online and not at the airport. Hello I will be traveling from. there is no weight mentioned on my ticket......i am travelling from karachi to sharja and then to muchi can carry overall......??????????? You can do it online using the link at . Can we take this to the aircraft door or does it need to be checked-in with our other baggage? AED 180 approx would be charged. - what does it mean? ) If you’ll be traveling with a lap infant under the age of two, you may be entitled to additional carry-on allowances. How much i need to pay extra. If you buy it from the Duty Free shop, then 2 litres can be taken. If you travel by plane on even a semi-regular basis, the answer is probably “yes! My family ( Wife + Daughter) travel will travel on 20 Dec from Dammam to Ahmedabad and have 30 kg checked baggage , They have one bag and 03 cartoon for checked baggage. I will travell on 8th sept.2016 from dammam to ahmedabad, by AIR ARABIA . Sir am traveling from sharjha to trivandrum on tomorrow with a 6month baby.can I have a hand carry of 9 kg with baby food items and chocolates also.and pls let me know how to carry one laptop and a camera with me as hand carry. What is the dimension of the baggage?